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Our Mission.

We are passionate about empowering emerging startups and entrepreneurs to realize their web and mobile apps vision. Over the past decade, we helped startups who were intimidated by the money, time, and contacts required to access custom web and mobile development services to realize their dreams. This has been made possible partly thanks to the development of iBuild, a powerful platform that makes the power of world-class web and mobile development accessible to more people.

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Web Applications

We are constantly using new cutting-edge technologies to build powerful, highly interactive and elegant web applications. We use Open Source platforms such as Codeignitor, Laravel, ExtJS, Dojo Toolkit, JQuery, and standard web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, SVG, RDF, RDFs etc to build industry-standard applications.

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Social Networks

Social media has become extremely popular in recent years, connecting products, services and consumers. We provide complete solutions for Facebook, Twitter and other emerging social networks. We also help integrate social tools to websites and web applications to help build a community and facilitate sharing.

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Custom Software

We provide native, stand-alone and distributed custom applications for Windows and Mac platforms using cross-platform technologies such as Java, HTML5/JavaScript and Adobe Air/ Flex. We also provide complete solutions to your API needs using standard technolgoies such as REST and SOAP.

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Mobile Applications

We provide web-based and native mobile apps solutions. Web-based apps are universally accessible from all devices; however, to access Apple or Android stores consumers, native apps are required. We use leading technologies such as Titanium Appcelerator to develop native apps.

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We can provide custom-made courses and training solutions to your specific requirements. Our training solutions are affordable and ideal for training individuals or groups to the latest standards and familiarizing them with specific technologies. For more information, please contact us.

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We provide expert advice on best-practice solutions for web-based, Java, and Mobile applications. Consultancy services available including project planning, software architectural advice, source code review and support. Please send us your questions for more details.



One the most remarkable and brilliant man I have ever had the privilege of knowing. A gem equivalent to 50 developers, with an ability to grasp the big picture and operate at a bit level. He’s a rarity like the red diamond. Dr. Adnan took the necessity of a high performance analytics engine and has delivered to Plumlytics a component we had struggled with alongside many other developers. In less than a month, he has created a complex piece of technology layering the latest web technologies such as Solr with very advanced algorithms.


Skills and Technologies.

PHP / Laravel / PyroCMS
Ruby on Rails / JRuby
Web Components / Google Polymer
Restful API, SOAP, RPC, XML and Web Services
Dojo Toolkit

About Adnan.

I’m the lead applications developer at Web Semantics, Inc. I combine technical skills with business knowledge, leadership and great passion for innovations and new technologies. With over two decades of development experience, I provide full-stack architectural design and development, leadership for development teams, support and strategy planning, technology decision making, and can play an integral role in web/graphics design and user experience. With the ability to tackle projects of any scope, I assess all angles of a project before I execute in order to produce maximum results.

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Contact Us.

We draw on extensive experience in software consulting and aim to provide professional service and proven solutions that meet your needs. We work closely with you to fully understand your requirements, and to design and build a solution that meets your specifications. Feel free to email us, phone us, or meet us.

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